Year Anniversary Baby!!!



I HAD no experience starting a site, or even blogging, but I learned as I went along.

What a ride this journey has been.  I”ve met some cool and not so nice people along the way, I am grateful to them all. Every good and bad experience has taught me some valuable lessons.  I don ‘t have the “hook up’ nor am I related or dating anyone famous.  I just work extremely hard, and I think outside the box!  I never thought I would be published in a magazine, or host a show, or act in a commercial.  And we have been motivational speakers talking to the youth of Philadelphia. This site has gone beyond my expectations and so much more.

Many times I’ve wanted to quit this site. For the last 6 months, I have been operating all by myself. YoyoPRstar is expecting a bundle of joy! But I’m still here. Because I know God has a plan for me.  Thanks to all the individuals who have graced us with interviews:

-Lady B

-Parry P

-DJ Diamond Kutz

-Reed Dollaz

-Tone Trump

-House of Monet Models

-Hosea Chanchez

-The Weave Bar

-Gillie D Kid


-Parisnicole Payton

-Batcave Studios

-Young Chris

-Short Dawg

-Rebekah-Make It Happen Creations


-Bones Brigante

-Black & Nobel Bookstore

-Shay Star

-Destinee Maree


Elle Gie

Mont Brown

-Danny Cash

-Ty Garner-Featherlicious

-Meek Mill

Thanks again to anyone who has ever been featured on the site, and a special thanks to all the businesses and PR firms who send their awesome clients and events our way.  If I’ve forgotten someone trust me we are truly thankful for you.   Most of all thanks to all of the viewers that show so much love and come to the site. WE LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH, MUAH!

The future holds so many more opportunities, there have been some copycat sites, you know who you are. Imitation is the best form of flattery, I’m glad I inspire you.

If I can make my dreams come true, so can you.

Don’t look for opportunities to come your way, create your own, and put God first!

-Special  Thanks  to the students and staff of Furness High School and Education Works!

Stay Tuned for Year #2!!!!!


image: zoonar