Ta’Bon, who served nearly a decade behind bars for armed robbery, says divine inspiration has led him to preach a gospel of nonviolence from a homemade, outdoor jail cell in Philadelphia.

He has been living in the cell since Feb. 1 and plans to stay there throughout the month of February.

“Instead of the young bucks going to jail to find out for themselves, I’m bringing the jail to the young bucks,” Ta’Bon said.(SOURCE)

Today marks the last day of his historic journey.  Many rappers have been inspired by his story, and have came out to talk to Ta’bon, including Tone Trump and Feed Da Hood founder Redface.  It baffles me that if an individual is convicted of a drug crime, then that individual is not eligible for financial aid for college.  That was the case in 2006,  I am not sure if that has changed, but I firmly believe in second chances.  We are locking up individuals,but rarely do we reabilitate them.  God Bless Michael Ta’bon.


Tuesday Takeover: NEW Philly Music Competion!!!

WE love all Philly Artist but a little FRIENDLY COMPETITION never hurt anybody!!! Below are a few new tracks from some of the artist you know or will know in the future cause they are definitly about they B.I. Listen and leave a comment to  let us know who you think is worthy of Taking over Tuesday on PhillyitGirls.com!!!

Lil Miss Rea ft Redface – I Know You Got A Girlfriend

I love it because most guys that approach females have a girl and  Lil Miss Rea is letting guys  know they  aint playing nobody but themselves :)

DA TROOPA- Im So Gucci


All Day ( the Squadaz) – Didn’t I tell You

Straight Bars of Fire

KID NICE – Addicted

Very Relatable….yal better listen!


Everyone has been through this at one time or another! I love songs where men giving woman they respect instead of calling them cock suckin hoes! Hook is very catchy as well!!